Incfile, Zenbusiness, or LegalZoom — Which is Best For You?

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When creating your limited liability company (LLC), a few websites can help you. Incfile, Zenbusiness, and LegalZoom all offer LLC formation services. To choose which LLC formation website is best for you, it’s a good idea to compare their pricing, services, features, timeline, customer service, and other factors. Once you know how each website operates, it will be easier to decide. Forming an LLC shouldn't be complicated if you’re just starting to write your business plan or have already made headway with your new company.

Here are the critical factors to consider when making your decision:

  • Cost
  • Order processing time
  • Ease of process
  • Customer service
  • Customer satisfaction

Forming an LLC

You will need some information to start the process of forming your LLC. You must provide some basic information, called articles of incorporation, for your company to be legally established. These will vary from state to state, but you can expect to provide your name and address, the purpose of your business, and an appointed registered agent (your business’s official documents must be sent to a registered agent or company on your behalf).

Comparing Incfile VS. Zenbusiness VS. LegalZoom

Suppose you want to compare these three websites that offer LLC formation services. In that case, it’s essential to look at cost, order processing time, ease of the process, customer service availability, and customer satisfaction. These five categories can help you determine which website will be most helpful for you and your company’s needs. Though one service might cost more, their order processing time might be faster, which could be beneficial if you need to create your LLC fast. Weighing the benefits of each plan will help you make the best decision.


Incfile: Incfile is the only website that will help you create an LLC at no cost besides the state fee required for every LLC formation. They can also help you form an S-corp or C-corp, not just an LLC.

Zenbusiness: Zenbusiness’s incorporation costs are just $39, less than Legalzoom but more than the free rates offered by Incfile. The nice thing about this $39 fee is that it includes a registered agent service, an accounting assessment, and a corporate bylaws template. They also offer different packages at a higher rate, including more features, like an annual report service and a banking resolution template.

LegalZoom: The cheapest incorporation package offered by Legalzoom is $149, with no advanced features like the ones provided by Zenbusiness. Another essential thing to note is that they don’t include a registered agent with their package. It has to be added on for an additional $159-299 per year.

Incfile vs. zenbusiness vs.legalzoom

Order Processing Time

Incfile: With Incfile, the order processing time depends on the state, so to find out, you must visit the website. In Minnesota, Incfile reports that it will take three weeks for the standard state filing time. For an additional $50, you can do it in one business day at an expedited rate.

Zenbusiness: Unlike Incfile, turnaround times do not depend on the state but rather on the package you choose. However, they note that state timelines will vary, but rough estimates on their lowest package indicate three to four weeks, while their pro package takes one to two.

LegalZoom: LegalZoom follows a similar structure as Zenbusiness, offering faster turnaround with higher packages. Their timelines are a little slower than those offered by Zenbusiness, taking six weeks for their lowest package.

Ease of Process

Incfile: The Incfile website and process for creating your LLC is pretty straightforward and user-friendly. They also have a free guide that can answer any questions about forming an LLC, plus an informative blog with topics you might be curious about.

Zenbusiness: The order form process for Zenbusiness is simple as well, but there are a few upsells and other offers that might be distracting. They also aren’t quite as comprehensive in providing information as Incfile, but it shouldn't be too confusing once you choose your package and get started.

LegalZoom: Out of all of the LLC formation websites, Legalzoom might be the most confusing process. You have to enter in your personal information first, then go through a series of upsells before you can finally choose your package. This process means that you might spend more than you had initially planned.

Customer Service

Incfile: Incfile does have customer service help available, but their response times can sometimes take a while. They have an interactive help service and a live chat, but if you’re looking for a more personalized customer service experience, you might choose Zenbusiness or LegalZoom.

Zenbusiness: Zenbusiness offers customer service assistance through phone, email, or online chat. Their representatives are always helpful and friendly; you typically don’t have to wait long to reach them.

LegalZoom: Legalzoom has email and phone support available. Email responses can take a long time to receive and aren’t always personalized, whereas phone support is always helpful and informative.

Customer Satisfaction

Incfile: Though Incfile may not have the best customer support available, they do have outstanding reviews. On Shopper Approved, they have over 20,000 reviews and maintain a 4.8 out of 5-star rating. The volume of customers and the rating are impressive for any LLC formation company.

Zenbusiness: For a younger company (they started in 2015), Zenbusiness has already found tremendous success. They have helped thousands of customers and have almost all positive reviews online. Customers are very satisfied with the services offered as well as the support they can receive in the process of creating their LLC.

LegalZoom: LegalZoom has served more than four million customers, about half of which are business clients. They handle the biggest number of customers from these LLC formation companies, but their reviews are mixed. You can find five-star and one-star reviews, meaning not every customer has been completely satisfied.

So Which Is Best : Incfile Vs. Zenbusiness Vz. LegalZoom?

Deciding which LLC formation company is best is personal to your company and its goals. By evaluating these three websites' different aspects, you can see how well they do in the categories that mean the most to you. Incfile, Zenbusiness, and LegalZoom are all great resources for starting an LLC. Deciding which is best for you and your company depends on what kind of customer service you’re looking for, how much you’re willing to pay, and how quick you’d like the process to be. If you need help, hiring a business lawyer to help you form your company is a great idea.

Jacques Famy Jr

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