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Get the Best Liquor Store Business Loan Options

Liquor stores have a lot of options as many business lenders take a kind view of the industry because it is stable and a recession resistive business. Searching for the best business funding will require you to determine what is the purpose and use of the financing, as that may dictate what is the best business funding option. There are many reasons liquor stores need money such as purchasing inventory, marketing, equipment purchase or repair, renovations or general working capital.

Your qualifications also play an important role in determining what is the best business finance product for your need as well as lenders look at credit worthiness, time in business, cash flow and financial health to determine what products and terms you qualify for.

AdvancePoint Capital offers a variety of liquor store financing options that liquor store owners can take advantage of to get the funding required. Go through our marketplace, which makes it easy to get financing without hassle from the bank.

Liquor Store Loans for your Business

Long-Term Business Loan

Long-Term Business Loan for Liquor Stores

Long-term business loans are for businesses looking to expand or acquire a new liquor store and need to stretch the costs over years to get affordable payments. Commercial real estate may be required for collateral for large loan amounts above $350,000.

Short-Term Business Loan

Short-Term Small Business Loan for Liquor Stores

A Short term business loan is an option when speed and reduced documentation are needed to receive funds. This is a great alternative when traditional financing is not an option. A useful loan for liquor businesses in need of working capital or operating capital.

Business Line of Credit

Business Line of Credit for Liquor Stores

Line of credit is a flexible alternative to business term loans. Liquor stores can draw money off the line up to a credit limit. Only pay interest on the outstanding balance, which saves on interest if you pay it off early.

SBA Loan

Small Business Administration [SBA] Loan for Liquor Stores

SBA loans are administered by the Small Business Administration. SBA is not the lender but sets the guidelines, and requirements, and issues a guarantee to the lender to encourage small business lending. An SBA loan has strict guidelines and voluminous paperwork, but it's worth the time. You must have good credit to qualify for an SBA loan. SBA loans are popular with liquor stores because of their favorable rates and loan terms. Our network of SBA lenders can fulfill all of your SBA loan needs.

Merchant Cash Advance

Merchant Cash Advance (MCA's) for Liquor Stores

A merchant cash advance, also known as business cash advance, is a revenue based alternative to a traditional business loan. MCA's advance money to the business is based on annual revenue. Repayment is made by a fixed percentage of future credit card processing, instead of fixed payments. A great option for operating capital needs.

Business Credit Cards

Business Credit Cards for Liquor Business Owners

Business credit cards are a great supplement to your financing needs for your liquor businesses.

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Get Started Today

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Why Do You Need a Business Loan for Liquor Store?

Benefits of Financing Your Liquor Store Business

It Starts with Why Do You Need a Business Loan for your Liquor Store.

There can be many reasons why a liquor store may need money. Establishing the "why" is very important because that can dictate what is the best business financing option to solve that problem or need. Whether it's investing in the business for growth, maintaining the business or solving an immediate problem, business financing can play a vital role solving the "why".

Lets explore the most common reasons why liquor stores need money for the business.

Working Capital

Day-to-day operational expense can add up for a liquor store. Payroll, rent/mortgage payment, liquor/wine/beverage inventory purchases and other unexpected expenses like repairs can really put a pinch on the businesses liquidity and cash flow. Financing for working capital can even out those cash flow short falls.

Business Expansion

The liquor store may need to expand to accommodate more space or perhaps a new location all together may be needed to maintain or increase sales and attract customers. These expansions are costly and in many cases requires business financing to defray the costs.


A liquor store lives and breaths on inventory. The store needs to be well stocked with a diverse selection of beer, wines, spirits, and specialty liquors, so the store can satisfy all customers that walk through the door. Throughout the year, liquor stores can take advantage of various purchasing opportunities such as bulk purchasing and seasonal purchasing. Business financing can be necessary to take advantage of some of these inventory purchasing opportunities.


A liquor stores layout and physical location can impact sales. If your liquor store is not inviting and laid out so people enjoy there shopping experience you can lose customers or decrease sales. Renovations can provide a solution to these problems. A renovation can improve store layout and flow, modernizing displays, fixtures and equipment, and provide a better overall experience for the customer which increases sales. Clearly, renovations cost money and access to capital will be necessary.

Point of Sale Systems, Software, and Technology Upgrades

Point of sale (POS) systems play a vital role in tracking sales and inventory. Business owners use these tools to control inventory, monitor sales trends, account for loss all in an effort to be as efficient as possible to maximize profits. New technology and upgrades are common and these systems can be quite costly to upgrade.



Liquor stores are faced with competition more than ever before and capturing customers attention is very different than in years past. There are a variety of advertising methods to increase awareness, attract customers and engage with them to stand out from the competition. Online visibly is essential in todays world whether it's Google, yelp, trip advisor for awareness or social media like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok to engage with customers, you need as a liquor store to be on top. Also promotional activities and special events assist in building awareness and loyalty. All of these methods cost money and the potential need for financing.

How to Qualify for a Liquor Store Small Business Loan?

Qualifying for financing for the liquor store will require you to meet specific criteria and provide documentation so that underwriters can determine the businesses ability to meet financial suitability requirements and creditworthiness. Lets look at some key metrics that underwriters consider.

How to Qualify for a Liquor Store Small Business Loan?

1. Credit History:

  • Maintain a good personal and business credit score to enhance your chances of loan approval. Better your credit
  • Ensure timely payments on existing debts, such as loans or credit cards, to showcase your financial responsibility.
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2. Industry Experience/Time in Business:

Demonstrate relevant experience and expertise in the liquor industry to instill confidence in lenders about your ability to successfully run and grow the business.

3. Documentation:

  • Gather and organize necessary documents, such as tax returns, bank statements, licenses, permits, lease agreements, and legal documents, to support your loan application.
  • Some lenders and programs will require detailed financial statements, including profit and loss statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements, to provide a clear overview of your liquor store's financial health.

Remember, each lender may have specific requirements and criteria for evaluating loan applications. It's advisable to consult with multiple lenders, compare loan terms and interest rates, and choose the option that best suits your liquor store's financial needs.

Qualify for a Liquor Store Small Business Loan

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