Small business owners in the gas station industry often face challenges when seeking out financing solutions for their service stations. Conventional lenders like banks and credit unions can be a significant barrier to growing your business. Although you might feel like your options are limited, with AdvancePoint Capital on your side, you’re in luck! We are a reliable online lending marketplace with an impressive range of practical business loans for gas stations.

The demands of running a gas station are far more complex than most people might expect. However, AdvancePoint Capital has plenty of experience working with business owners in the industry. We provide exceptional customer support and individualized services to match you with the best business loan to suit your gas station’s current cash flow needs.

If you’re tired of the strict credit requirements and lengthy application processes typical of other lenders, look no further than AdvancePoint Capital. We’re the fast, simple way to start funding your service station with the premier loan products for gas stations. Contact us today for a no-commitment quote and get the cash your gas station needs now.

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The 5 Best Gas Station Financing Options

If you’re looking to expand your gas station operation or simply need access to working capital to ease your financial strains, there are several attractive options offered in the marketplace at AdvancePoint Capital. Explore the best gas station business loans below before contacting our team of funding experts to take the first step in securing the gas station business loans you need.

Long-Term Loans for Gas Stations

Long-term business loans are a fantastic loan product for well-established gas stations with plenty of time in business. Long-term loans often feature low interest rates and an extended repayment period. These gas station loans are an excellent choice if you need working capital, want to expand your operations, or are planning a significant project for your gas station business.

Product Overview

  • Low interest rates from lenders
  • 3-10 year repayment terms
  • Affordable monthly or bi-weekly payments
  • Credit scores from good to excellent are preferred
  • Standard documentation required, including bank statements and tax returns
  • Approval times in 3 days up to a week

Short-Term Loans for Gas Stations

Like long-term loans, short-term loans are a great option for gas stations too. Short-term working capital loans feature a lump sum provided upfront, which is repaid over six to eighteen months. This loan product is perfect for a gas station business just starting in the industry and struggling to obtain funding from traditional lenders.

Many service station owners choose a short-term loan for the reduced documentation and credit requirements compared to other gas station financing products. In addition, these funds are an excellent way to expand your business, increase profitability, and deal with emergency expenses or cash flow shortages.

Product Overview

  • Lenders accept credit scores from poor to excellent
  • Easy approval in as little as one day
  • Short application process and three months bank statements required
  • Relaxed qualifications compared to other loan products

Business Lines of Credit

Business lines of credit work similarly to the kinds of credit cards you’d typically find in your wallet. With a business line of credit, you have the flexibility to draw funds at any time and access money up to a specific limit. The difference is that lines of credit only have a duration of six to twelve months, so you must complete an annual renewal process to extend your credit line continuously.

Product Overview

  • Attractive interest rates
  • You’re only responsible for the interest on your current balance
  • Flexibility when drawing and using funds
  • Easy, affordable monthly payments

Equipment Loans and Financing

Equipment financing is an excellent option for gas station owners since the gas station industry relies heavily on specialized machinery. Funds from equipment financing can be utilized to purchase or lease gas station equipment, repair existing service station machinery, or buy things like power tools for general upkeep throughout the year. In addition, these financing options help purchase computers, cash registers, and other essential items to keep daily operations running smoothly at your gas station.

The great thing about equipment financing is that it utilizes the tools or machinery as collateral, minimizing the risk for lenders. So, what does that mean for you as a gas station owner? If you do not or cannot meet the repayment terms of your equipment financing contract, lenders are allowed to seize and sell your equipment in place of repayment.

Product Overview

  • Repayment terms from 2-10 years
  • Low interest rates and origination fees
  • Monthly fixed payments
  • Good to excellent credit scores required
  • Can be utilized for more than just gas station machinery

Small Business Administration (SBA) Loan Programs for Gas Stations

The Small Business Administration (SBA) offers several great loan programs for people seeking practical gas station loans. The SBA is not a lender but a partner that provides guarantees to SBA-approved lenders, allowing them to take on more risk.

SBA loans are extremely popular among gas station owners for their flexibility and attractive terms. However, getting approved for an SBA loan can be challenging without the right resources and paperwork to back up your business’s creditworthiness. We can help you apply for an SBA loan for your service station, utilizing one of the various loan programs they provide to small business owners across the United States, such as the SBA 504 Loan, the SBA’s 7(a) Loan Program, the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), SBA microloans, minority-owned business loan programs, and more.

Product Overview

  • Repayment terms from 1-25 years
  • Low interest rates from SBA-approved lenders
  • Affordable monthly payments
  • Excellent credit score required
  • Lengthier application and approval times than other loan products

Why Your Gas Station Needs Funding Now

There are many reasons you might seek out a loan for your gas station business. The most common reasons for obtaining gas station loans include:

• Working Capital
• Expansion
• Franchise Opportunities
• Cash Flow Shortages
• Payroll
• Emergency Expenses
• Equipment
• Inventory
• Advertising

If you’re struggling to meet the eligibility requirements of traditional lenders like banks and credit unions, AdvancePoint Capital can help. We offer an online marketplace of valuable gas station loan options for small business owners. Even with a poor business or personal credit history or a limited time in the gas station business, we can still easily find you the best gas station loan. Contact us today to learn more about our business funding products for gas stations.
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Putting Your Gas Station Loans to Good Use

Gas Station Equipment

Your gas station likely requires specialized equipment for daily operations. In order to get your customers wherever they’re going, you need fuel pumps, car wash equipment, cash registers, power tools, and other gas station machinery.

Establishments that include service stations for oil changes and other automotive services will need additional tools and machinery too. Gas station loans and options like equipment financing are great for leasing or purchasing the equipment your small business needs to stay up and running each day.


The people who work at your gas station are the key to your success, so it’s crucial to pay them fairly for their hard work. Failing to meet your payroll can put you in an uncomfortable predicament as a small business owner, but luckily, you have options. Explore various gas station loans and get the funding you need to meet payroll demands and keep your highest-performing employees happy.

Gas Station Convenience Store Inventory

If your gas station also includes a convenience store, you’re going to want to keep it well stocked with snacks and drinks for commuters and travelers who make the stop at your service station. Your gas station business can benefit from carrying a wide assortment of enticing (and even nutritious) snacks, such as:

  • Coffee and tea
  • Energy drinks
  • Fresh fruit and veggie cups
  • Roller food (hot dogs, breadsticks, taquitos, etc.)
  • Packaged wraps and sandwiches
  • Salads
  • Frozen food
  • Household items
  • Alcohol and tobacco products

In addition to the food, beverage, and household items you want to have on hand, your gas station will also need to consider cups, napkins, condiments, creamers, and other convenience store essentials for your customers. Gas station loans give you the working capital required to keep your gas station’s convenience store inventory full of fresh, delicious food and drinks and have household items in stock for on-the-go shoppers.

Marketing and Advertising

Successfully advertising for gas stations is no simple task since there are many individual businesses in the industry. Still, there are a select few ways to get ahead of your competition. You can use the cash from your gas station loans to market your gas station with billboards on the highway, local print ads, television or radio commercials, and more.

Expansion or Renovations

Gas station loans are also an excellent resource for renovating your existing establishment or expanding into a larger space. We offer financing options for gas stations to continue growing.

With our gas station loans, you can consider adding more fuel pumps, re-paving your parking lot, building a car wash, renovating your facilities, adding on more square footage, or expanding into a new space. Select from any of our small business loans for gas stations and get the funding you need to expand or renovate your existing gas station structure.

Emergency Maintenance and Improvements

No one likes to drive up to the fuel pump in a serious rush just to see an “out of order” sign. So, it’s vital to maintain your gas station and stay up to date with capital improvements to your establishment.

Gas station business loans are a great way to deal with unexpected issues or emergency expenses. You can find several financing options from our vast marketplace to make all of the necessary improvements to your gas station and keep your customers happy every time they visit the fuel pump.

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Why AdvancePoint Capital? Here’s What We Offer:

Experience – Our experts have spent years working with gas station owners. We understand the industry and know exactly what your business needs to succeed.
Expertise – With a vast knowledge of the gas station industry, our small business lending experts can easily match your business with the loan product that works best for your needs.
Efficiency – We know you don’t want to waste any more time waiting for approval from traditional lending outlets. We offer gas station financing options with lightning-fast approval for some in as little as 24 hours. Yes, it’s really that easy.
Reliability – We have received excellent reviews and feedback from gas station owners who have utilized our exceptional services. You can trust our experts to help you obtain the best business loan for gas stations of any size.
Options – Our marketplace of gas station financing products is impressive. There are so many products to pick from; You’ll always find the best business loan for your gas station at AdvancePoint Capital.

If you’re ready to continue growing your gas station or service station, start with AdvancePoint Capital. Fill out our simple online form to get started with a painless, straightforward loan application process at AdvancePoint Capital. Our online quotes are always no-cost and no-commitment, so you can shop for small business loans online, compare products, and settle on the perfect funding option for your gas station.

Go With AdvancePoint Capital to Fund Your Gas Station Business

Our small business financing experts have been funding gas stations in the service industry for years. With our impressive amount of experience and outstanding customer service, we can help you successfully obtain funding for your gas station business. Find the funds you need to buy equipment, stock your inventory, advertise, and stay up to date with necessary improvements using gas station business financing from our vast marketplace of loans.

If you like what you see in our selection of financing options, we can assist as you get started with gas station loan applications and help secure your gas station funding fast. Contact our team of experts today to explore the most outstanding options for gas station loans.

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