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Business Expansion

April 3, 2020

No Credit Check Business Loans: What Are My Options?

Can I Get a Business Loan With No Credit Check? The truth is most business loan products require a personal credit check of the business owner to be able to get funding for the business, but there are options available in the business loan marketplace where a credit check is not needed that many business […]

Business Management

March 10, 2020

What’s the Difference Between Defaulted and Delinquent Loans?

Both delinquency and default are loan terms that refer to missing payments. While on the surface, these two consequences may seem quite similar, they have many distinguishable differences that borrowers should be aware of. Delinquency occurs when a payment is late (as little as one day). It can also occur when a borrower misses their […]

Business Guides

March 13, 2020

Why Is a Merchant Cash Advance a Popular Option When Looking for a Small Business Loan?

Merchant cash advances, also known as a future purchase sales receivables agreements, has become a very popular business financing product for businesses that accept credit card sales from their customers. There is also a sister product called a business cash advance, a better option for businesses with a lower amount of credit card transactions.  Why […]

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