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Get Small Business Loans Fast & Easy

With AdvancePoint Capital, finding fast small business loans is not as challenging as you may think. Small business owners are responsible for wearing hundreds of hats at any given time. Troubleshooting customer concerns, monitoring and training personnel, and handling all of the business finances are just a few of the business owner’s key roles. When unexpected expenses pop up, everyone relies on you to fix the issue. You may need a fast loan to handle pressing business needs before they escalate.

But who has ever heard of a quick small business loan? Getting fast business loans through banks, credit unions or the Small Business Administration is always challenging to say the least. With a high denial rate due to their stringent requirements, many small businesses need to find alternatives to traditional lenders, that's where are alternative lender network comes in at Advancepoint.

What is a Fast Business Loan?

Today’s technology has paved the way for quick emergency business loans through online lenders — meaning you have many options for fast business loans regardless of your financial circumstances. Online lenders make it possible to access your money in as little as one business day once approved. If your business has emergency expenses, needs a financial boost, receives a business opportunity that demands fast action, or is in an industry with ups and downs, it requires a reliable funding source. You can turn to an online lender when you need easy fast business loans in a pinch.

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AdvancePoint Capital makes the loan application process a simple, straightforward experience.

Fast Business Loan Options

Every company is different and deals with its own set of unique financial circumstances and challenges; What works for one company may not work for another. AdvancePoint Capital lenders understand that you need an individualized financial solution that fills your business’s situational needs at that specific time. Our choices for a fast business term loan are diverse and can provide financial solutions for a wide variety of industries with a simple application process.

Our knowledgeable live agents are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year, to listen to your concerns and offer you fast and easy business term loans and lending solutions with terms that will work for you. We work with business owners in nearly any industry to offer SBA loans, merchant cash advances, line of credit, and other financing options like a small business loan.

Our wide array of quick and easy business finance solutions can be used for nearly any business need and can help you get funded today. With simple paperwork and a streamlined process, our agents will help determine if your business needs can be met through alternative small business loans such as:

small business loans

Small Business Loans

Small business loans can be acquired in a day with certain business lenders. A small business loan is a term loan with fixed lump sum, with a fixed term and fixed payments. A small business loan has good interest rates.

  • Term loans with fixed terms and payments
  • Quick application process
  • Limited documentation required
Business Line of Credit

Business Line of Credit

A line of credit once approved and in place, you can draw funds up to credit limit, same day. You can draw on demand with a line of credit as you would a credit card. Line of credit is a revolving line with competitive rates that are applied to the outstanding balance. Line of credit has flexible repayment terms and no prepayment penalty.

  • Flexibly revolving line of credit
  • Draw money when needed
  • Only pay interest on balance
  • Rates starting at 1% per month
Invoice Financing

Invoice Financing

Invoices can be approved for an advance same day once submitted to the invoice factoring company.

  • Invoices funded upon issuance
  • Factor rates starting at 1%
  • Factoring company handles accounts receivable
  • Accelerates cash flow
Merchant Cash Advance

Merchant Cash Advance

A merchant cash advance is not a small business loan, but an advance of future revenue of the business. No personal guarantee. This type of business financing has flexible repayment terms for that reason. Funds available same day.

  • Flexible repayment terms based on future sales
  • Revenue based funding
  • All credit considered
SBA Loan

SBA Business Loans

SBA loans that are considered fast would be the SBA Express loan or SBA Microloan. These are fast secured business loans. Other SBA loans are far from fast, so be careful what you ask for. Personal guarantee is required.

  • Backed by the Small Business Administration
  • Attractive rates & terms
  • Streamlined application process by SBA standards
Equipment Financing

Equipment Financing

Equipment financing offers a strategic advantage for businesses, providing the means to acquire vital machinery with speed and efficiency. From approval to funding, the process is streamlined—taking as little time as instantaneously or spanning a few days. This service is particularly beneficial when partnering with top equipment financing companies, as they specialize in crafting solutions attuned to various business needs.

  • Equipment is used as collateral for financing.
  • Terms from 2 to 5 years
  • Monthly payments
Small Business Cash Advance

Business Cash Advance

This product of a business cash advance is one of the easiest business loan alternatives. A working capital alternative offered by an alternative lender and not conventional financial institution. Popular with business owners with issues on credit report, but sufficient annual revenue.

  • Factor rates starting 1.13%
  • Flexible repayment process based of future revenue
  • Convenience ACH payment available
  • Based on current revenues of the business not profit/loss
Short-Term Business Loan

Short-Term Business Loan

Quick business loans like short term small business loans are the best fast business loans if you acquire from online lenders. These term loans offer a lump sum upfront with repayment terms in months not years. Great for when emergency expenses arise.

  • Interest rates starting at 9%
  • Fixed payments and terms
  • Early pay discounts

Pros and Cons of Fast Business Loans


  • Fast process- The loans are typically funded same same day with a simple application process.
  • Qualifications- Most fast business funding options only require limited documentation with just business bank statements and an application.
  • Credit- Flexible credit requirements
  • Timing- The speed of business funding is typically same day to handle whatever emergency you may have.


  • Rates & Fees- Some fast business funding products will charge more for a fast turnaround, unless you have good credit
  • Terms- Fast business funding products have shorter repayment terms because underwriting is not looking at as much they would be normally given the time.
  • Conditions- Business may have to provide a blanket against all business assets as collateral. Some business funding products require personal guarantee.

How to Chose the Best Fast Business Loans: Tips for Comparing Fast Business Loans

  • Choosing the Lender - You should consider a variety of business loan originators when looking for fast business funding. A bank or credit union will not move fast, so that's not an option. Online business lenders and business loan brokers have a variety of products that can get you money fast.
  • The use of Business Funds - Determining your need and then finding the best product for that need is important. Although some business loans may have the best rates and terms you may not be able to get the money fast enough or the amount isn't enough to solve the problem.
  • Compare Business Loan Products & Features - Features can dictate your choices for fast business funding such as is it a term loan? line of credit? or an advance? Perhaps an invoice factoring product can solve your problem fast without taking out a business loan and adding debt. Product features and terms are important part of the selection process.
  • Compare Offers - Not all offers are created equal. Not only are rates and terms different from lenders but also what product opportunities as well. Some originators will steer you to business funding options over offering others. Its important that you compare and shop around for what's best you you, your business and your needs.

How to Apply for Fast Business Loans

We provide a wide variety of alternative funding opportunities for business owners like you who struggle to get conventional business loans. Whether you have limited time in business or a not-so-great personal credit score, or lets face it bad credit, we’ll find fast business loans that fit your company’s needs and get's you same day funding.

AdvancePoint Capital has deep experience in working capital loans. We know what small business owners need and offer a quick and efficient application process. Our knowledge in funding makes the approval process simple, streamlined, and short – in other words, we provide fast business loans, but the right business loan.

  1. Interview- Discuss with a business finance specialist and discuss needs and qualifications so it can be determined what products to apply for.
  2. Application- Once products have been identified as to apply for to get get fast business funding, you will need to complete an application. The application will require you to including business information such as corporate name and any dba name, registration date, FEIN number, business address. You will also need to provide personal information of a majority of business owners including home address, date of birth and social security number.
  3. Documentation- Most fast business loans only require 3 months business bank statements along with an application to get terms to consider.
  4. Evaluate Offer(s)- Usually it will only take 3 to 6 hours to get offers and terms to consider. The offers should come in the form of a term sheet or disclosure outlining product features, rates, payments, terms and conditions. Compare products with other offers so you are sure to get the best deal and find the right solution for your need.
  5. Accept Offer- Once you have selected an offer you will need to sign an agreement and provide the final stipulations to clear file and receive final approval to fund. These closing stipulations usually are identification, wiring instructions and bank verification.
  6. Closing/Funding- Underwriting will clear stipulations and verifications and then fund the customer usually in a couple hours. Funds are typically sent by wire or ACH to the business bank account that was reviewed for approval and your's that for fast!

Alternatives to Fast Business Loans

  • Business or Personal Credit Cards - Surprisingly, many small business owners use credit cards to support there businesses.
  • Personal Loans - There are a lot of online personal loan lenders that offer personal loans to self employed borrowers
  • Personal Funding - On occasion, business owners will use there personal money to funding there businesses.
  • Raise Capital - Sometimes the need for capital will require the business to raise capital by taking on investors or using resources like crowd funding.

Frequently Asked Questions

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All Credit Scores are Considered for Fast Business Financing

Simple and quick business loans are essential, but what happens when your credit score is less than perfect? AdvancePoint Capital lenders understand that being a small business means sometimes business finances aren’t always where they should be. Still, we want to try to help you secure the funds you need anyway.

All Credit Is Welcome

Many customers ask: Can I get a business loan with a 750 credit score? What about a business loan with a 500 credit score? Where to look for fast business loan with bad credit? We look at more than just your personal credit score, bank statements, bank account, and your company’s annual revenue when we make our decision with your application. This way, you’re not relying on only traditional qualifiers for the business loans you need that may have left you stranded before or with miserable rates. Plus, we offer guidance on how your personal credit works and how to improve credit.

In the big picture, factors like your business’s credit, business assets, monthly sales, and additional items tell a story that credit scores and other individual numbers may not. With so many options for fast business financing available, we will work hard to see every perspective and find the loan that works for you — regardless of your credit score.

Fast, Easy, and Flexible Financing

Fast, Easy, and Flexible Financing

Through traditional loans, you spend days completing the paperwork process and weeks waiting for an answer. If you are among the lucky 20% who get approved for these more challenging types of funding, you will spend even more time holding down the fort as you await to finally access cash flow funds from your business loan. That is not what we call a quick business loan.

The extra time wasted waiting for paperwork to be approved for business loans and the extended process means bills aren’t being paid. As a result, you’re likely fending off creditors who want their money or delaying much-needed repairs and renovations.

When you work with AdvancePoint Capital, this won’t be the case. Our paperwork and online application process take minutes, and approval can occur in as little as a few business hours. This is how you get a fast business loan the right way. You can access your funding as soon as one business day upon approval. Now that’s what we consider fast business loans!

Flexible Term Options

Your company may require a little extra cash flow to push through a difficult period or handle much-needed renovations. Or maybe you had an emergency come up that you weren’t prepared to deal with, and money is currently tight, or a unique business opportunity arises that requires you to act fast. These circumstances are often when a fast business loan is often the only solution left.

As a small business owner, you are responsible for paying the bills, covering the overhead, and handling unexpected expenses. If you cannot reconcile all of these areas, the fallout rolls into all of the other parts of your business and can quickly create a domino effect. You need money to help you before this happens, and you need it fast.

AdvancePoint Capital knows that your business is your livelihood. With our flexible term options, you can get that fast business loan in time to solve your financial cash flow concerns and still comfortably stay in business while you pay off what you borrowed. To get fast business loans that will push your business toward its goals, AdvancePoint Capital is the way to go.

Flexible Loan Term Options

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AdvancePoint Capital offers an easy and quick small business lending experience. Our customers love the fast, streamlined process and high approval rates that come from working with us. Feel free to reach out; Our team is standing by to field all questions or concerns and help you get started discovering the benefit of online lenders like AdvancePoint Capital, Ondeck, and Kabbage.

Get your quote today by filling out our simple form. All credit scores are considered.

Get your quote today by filling out our simple form.
All credit scores are considered.

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advancepoint get quote now