Merchant Cash Advance

At some point, most retailers, eCommerce sites, building contractors, those in the transportation industry, manufacturers and many other small to mid-sized businesses will need a financing option that allows them to raise cash without applying for a loan. The solution is a merchant cash advance, or business cash advance. Here’s how it works: businesses sell a portion of their future sales at a discount in exchange for immediate cash. A cash advance is not a loan, but instead is considered a purchase and sale of future receivables.

When is an advance the right choice for your business? Short term loans are next to impossible to obtain from a traditional financing institution. That’s because they require longer terms to make money themselves. For businesses that need an infusion of cash for the short term, such as a manufacturer who needs to order additional raw materials to fulfill an unexpectedly large order, the merchant cash advance provides the ideal solution.

Borrow Now Against Future Sales

If you’ve been in business a minimum of six months, regardless of your credit history, we invite you to contact AdvancePoint Capital. We offer merchant cash advances from $10,000 up to $500,00 with no term limits and flexible repayment options that are based on a percentage of future sales. Paperwork is also simple, we do not require tax returns, just your most recent Merchant Processing Statements and/or the bank statements associated with your business.

As with any financial transaction, knowledge is power. At AdvancePoint Capital, our representatives will assist you to weigh your options so that your decision is based on what is best for your firm, given your individual financial circumstances. We’ll be glad to discuss your company, your financial requirements and your business goals at any time of the day or night. That’s right. We’re here 24/7 to serve you and your business’ financing needs. We invite you to give us a call at (800) 381-8920 or fill out and submit our quick and easy one-page form. Get started today!

* All loans made by either WebBank, an FDIC-insured Utah industrial bank, or Bank of the Internet Federal Bank, an FDIC-insured federally chartered thrift located in California. In connection with the loans, the Banks' underwriting conditions and terms apply.