Jacques Famy Jr

Jacques Famy Jr

Managing Partner, Senior Writer, And Editor At Advancepoint Capital


Bachelor of Arts in Business Studies, Stockton State University


Creative Writing, Marketing, Content Strategy


Jacques has more than 25 years of experience managing financial service companies and writing, proofreading, and editing in the financial service industry.

Primary topics from various industries include real estate, mortgage, loan servicing, education, marketing, and Business Finance.

Jacques’s primary role at advancepoint is content strategy, writing, editing, optimizing, and educating the reader.

Jacques has been with advancepoint for over 10 years.

About Our Editorial Process

Advancepoint has a team of editors who edit and review all content by writers prior to the content being published. The goal of our content is to educate, inform and answer questions our readers may have about any given topic.

We pride ourselves on deep subject matter expertise and fact-check all content by multiple editors to ensure accuracy and trust. Our goal is to provide well-researched, informative, helpful, and trustworthy content that the reader will find valuable and perhaps actionable as well.

We commonly refresh (or re-edit) all content on an annual schedule to ensure the content is current, up to date, and still applicable.

Articles by Jacques Famy Jr

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