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Everyone needs furniture to turn their house into a home, and that is never going to change. There’s absolutely no shortage of shoppers in the market for home accents and furniture. As you can see, the furniture industry is competitive, so your business must find effective ways to stay on-trend. That’s why you need to find the perfect business funding for your furniture store.

Whether you’re an established furniture store owner looking to expand to new locations or a new business owner just starting in the industry, AdvancePoint Capital can assist. Our small business lenders are here to help you prepare and apply for furniture store business loans.

Our online marketplace is overflowing with outstanding business financing options for a furniture store in any phase of business. Contact us to get your free, no-obligation quote and find the best furniture business loans from a trusted alternative lending source. We’ll match your furniture store with the best business funding product, so you can continue growing your business and serving customers with high-quality furniture.

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AdvancePoint Capital makes the loan application process a simple, straightforward experience.

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How to Use Your
Furniture Business Loans Today

Quickly Access Capital

Operating a small business can be an exciting venture, but there is also a lot of uncertainty. Seasonality, location changes, trends, holidays, and increased competition can all impact cash flow to your business. Various business loans can help your furniture store quickly stabilize its cash flow. With access to more working capital, your company will be back on its feet in no time.

Invest in Inventory

It doesn’t look too great to potential customers when your sales floor is lacking furniture. Furniture store business loans are a fantastic way to invest in inventory to fill up your showroom with plenty of unique options. Purchase readily available best-selling items or trendy, seasonal pieces like patio furniture and holiday decor. Now, you’ll never have to worry about low store inventory again.

Spruce Up Your Showroom

Once you have all of your inventory on hand, think about the aesthetics of your showroom. Utilize business funding for interior decorations and additional items for your retail furniture store. Merchandise the furniture on your sales floor with pillows, throw blankets, bedding, wall decor, and life-like layouts of dinner and cookware.

Buy the Best Equipment

Running a furniture store requires some heavy lifting. Equipment like forklifts, dollies, and vehicles are needed to move and deliver large items like sectionals and beds. Plus, power tools can help your team assemble any unfinished furniture. You’ll also need computers and other office machinery to maintain orders and invoices. Use your business loan to invest in equipment and keep things running smoothly.

Expand Your Operations

Furniture store business loans can also help you grow an entire furniture empire. Use the working capital from different business loan options to renovate your existing space or expand into a new location. With all of the practical financing products available in the marketplace, you can start considering opening multiple furniture store locations.

Ramp Up Marketing Efforts

These days, everywhere you turn, it seems like a new sale or seasonal promotion is happening at local furniture stores. For your furniture business to stand out from the competition, you must implement a robust marketing strategy. Utilize business funding to boost marketing efforts for your furniture store, including in-store signage, tv and radio commercials, print ads, digital marketing, and more.

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Qualifying for a
Furniture Store Business Loan

Banks, credit unions, and alternative lenders alike are going to need a little bit of information about you and your business before approving your loan application. Prepare to answer questions and provide personal and business information, including:

  • Time in business
  • Debt obligations
  • Personal and business credit score
  • Bank statements
  • Borrowing history
  • Funding use
  • Tax returns
  • Income statements
  • Profit and loss
  • Cash flow forecast

This all might seem like a lot to keep straight, but there’s no need to stress. AdvancePoint Capital is by your side every step of the way, helping you find furniture store financing. Get your free quote today.

At AdvancePoint Capital, we’ve been funding small businesses in the furniture industry for years. We have an impressive amount of experience as an alternative online lending source. We’ll work closely with you to find the best business loan for your furniture.

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