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Agricultural & Farm Business Loans

Farming is not just a career it’s a passion and a lifestyle. Farmers are closely connected to the community and take great pride in their business. But being a farmer or rancher can be quite challenging and requires attention to all the details involved in becoming successful. Finding the right agriculture business loan solution can make a significant impact on farmers and ranchers in the long run.

There is a lot to consider when financing your Agricultural business. From managing working capital needs and the agriculture business as a whole — having a variety of farming loans available can be a lifesaver. Throughout the United States, agriculture business after agriculture business is perusing the options available to them in order to help grow and succeed. The following is a list of challenges that have to be managed:

  • How much to sell your product and when do you expect to see a profit?
  • What equipment do you need? Who will fix it?
  • How will you cover the costs of insurance premiums?
  • Mortgage or rent?
  • Labor Costs
  • Transportation Costs
  • Economic Market Changes
  • Emergency contingency plans (A plan also considers the things that might go wrong and how to prepare for the unexpected.) Do you have a disaster plan?
  • Federal, state, and local food safety regulations in the United States (local ordinances, land use issues)
  • Environmental issues

AdvancePoint Capital can provide that working capital to Agricultural & Farm Businesses like yours for running the business and meeting those financial challenges. We offer a wide range of loans to farmers who need them the most. Our loans for farms range from short-term solutions and small business loans to financing options for long-term needs and SBA alternatives. Bad credit? worry not! We offer farm equipment financing and farm loans with bad credit. Discover your next agriculture business loan today.

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Agriculture Business Loan Options

Long-Term Business Loans

Long-Term Agriculture Business Loans

Long-term loans are defined typically to have repayment terms of at least 3 to 10 years. Long-term financing is necessary for business owners looking for a large expansion or expensive investments in their business that will take time to reap the benefits and need low monthly affordable payments.

Business Line of Credit

Agriculture Business Line of Credit

If you are looking for a small business line of credit without putting up the property as collateral, an unsecured line of credit is a great option for working capital needs. You can draw money at any time during the duration of the line, up to the credit limit for any purchases or expenses.

Short-Term Business Loan

Short-Term Agriculture Business Loans

Short-term farm loans can come in handy when you need working capital for the farm. Short term loans have less requirements, easier to get approved and you have the ability to get money fast. Costs and terms will be impacted, but the application process is streamlined. Short term is defined between 3 months up to 18 months.

Equipment Financing

Farm Equipment Financing

Learn about our equipment leasing or loan options on the heavy equipment you're looking to purchase with a wide array of agricultural finance products we offer. All types of credit are considered, with same-day pre-approvals available.

Invoice Financing

Invoice Factoring/Financing for Agricultural & Farm Business

Agriculture invoice factoring allows farmers to get an advance on an invoice at the issuance of the unpaid receivable instead of waiting to get paid by your client. This is a great option to accelerate your receivables so you don’t have to wait weeks or months.

Business Credit Cards

Business Cash Advance for Farmers

A business cash advance can help farmers or ranches needing working capital with a fast application process. A business cash advance is based on the current revenue of the business and repaid as a set percentage of future revenue, so the payments will fluctuate to that revenue providing flexibility in slow revenue periods throughout the year that a farm or ranch may experience.

Benefits of Agricultural & Farm Business Loans

Benefits of Agricultural & Farm Business Loans

Cash Flow

Managing cash flow can be difficult for agricultural & farm business owners. There are so many outside forces impacting the ability of the business to maintain positive cash flow. Even when planning for contingencies there sometimes is those situations that are out of control for the agriculture business. Whether it’s chasing invoices from their customers to get paid, or national and/or global economic shifts in the supply and demand that impact prices, having financing is a must to survive. Having business financing in place prior to the problem can be the difference-maker to the survival of the agricultural business owner — especially when it comes to working capital.

Purchasing Agriculture Equipment

Machines and Equipment are the foundation for efficiency within the agriculture business. Whether it’s purchasing new equipment or repairing and/or upgrading existing Equipment financing must be in the plans for the agriculture business. In some cases, new equipment can entirely revolutionize the way the agriculture business processes workflow which can be all the difference in the world to improve efficiencies and find cost savings to maintain a competitive edge over competitors. Accessing equipment financing allows the business to purchase new equipment to gain new clients, operate more efficiently, and in some cases reduce labor costs and profit margins.

Hire Employees

Employees are the lifeblood that makes the United States agriculture process work. Hiring and maintaining a workforce is always a challenge and requires constant effort and money to stabilize a quality team.

Types of Agriculture Businesses We Serve

  • Nomadic Herding
  • Rudimentary Sedentary Tillage
  • Livestock Ranching
  • Intensive Subsistence Farming
  • Shifting Cultivation
  • Commercial Plantations
  • Mediterranean Agriculture
  • Commercial Grain Farming
  • Livestock and Grain Farming
  • Subsistence Crop and Stock Farming
  • Dairy Farming
  • Specialized Horticulture
  • Organic Farming Orchards
  • Apiary Farms
  • Aquaculture Farms
  • Commercial Farms
  • Cooperative Farms
  • Dry Farms
  • Family Farms
  • Flower Farms
  • Hay Farm
  • Hobby Farm
  • Micro Farm
  • Poultry Farm
  • Urban Farm
  • Vineyards

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Frequently Asked Questions

Advice, Tips, and Warnings about
Agriculture Loan Options

The agriculture business owner must ask what is the purpose and use of financing. Conduct a cost vs benefit analysis to determine the value of getting a loan. Did you consider what challenges the agriculture operation has in getting approved? (Credit Issues, Bank Statement cash flow issues, time in business, financial statement issues). 

By considering those questions first you may be led to different loan products than what you initially think of. No two business financing options are the same and often times there is only one option, but in other cases, you may have some choices to choose from. AdvancePoint Capital can help you assist you to navigate through the search in an easy and painless way without wasting time or more importantly your money, so you don’t make costly mistakes in your business financing selection. 

Why Choose AdvancePoint Capital?

Why AdvancePoint Capital?

  • Experience – We have been funding agriculture operations for years.
  • Trust – Excellent reviews from Better Business Bureau, Google business reviews, and feedback from other agriculture operations
  • Loan Specialists – Experiences Business funding specialists. We may not know everything about your specific business operations, but we take the time to find out and we do have a lot of experience in the agriculture industry
  • No up-Front Costs, No Commitment Fee Quotes:
  • It’s free at AdvancePoint Capital to find out what’s available in the business funding marketplace.
  • Product Diversity  – A Variety of farm loans and financing products. We don’t just offer what we have, we offer what’s available in the entire business financing marketplace.

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