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The Best Business Loans for Meat & Butcher Shops

It’s no secret that butcher shops and meat markets have had difficulty getting financing for their businesses over the years. Whether you go to a credit union or national bank, it is challenging to get any type of butcher shop business financing or even a simple bank loan for your meat market, for that matter.

But these are new times, and demand is high in most communities for grocery from consumers. Some new alternative lending sources have come into the market. The meat processing business and meat market industry, in general, have more access than ever before to business loans that can help them serve their local communities.

Butcher shop financing can be a tricky process, though. Traditional lenders see meat markets or butchering stores as a risky industry, which means qualifying for loans is a serious burden. These lenders won’t give butcher shop loans out to just anyone. They’ll likely require butcher shop owners to have excellent credit, a robust business plan, and a significant amount of assets in the business. Some could even ask you about your relevant hospitality experiences as well.

AdvancePoint Capital has been experienced in loans for butcher shops for years and can help you access the business loans you need for butcher shops now. We understand the meat processors industry, the difficulties of operating a business, and the need for funding to support it. Our job is to effectively provide the best funding products so you can effectively operate. If you’re looking to purchase equipment, inventory, working capital, expanding operations for growth, or taking on a new opportunity- we are your source.

Types of Businesses We Fund Within the Meat Industry:

  • Supermarkets
  • Grocery stores
  • Convenience stores
  • Wholesale grocery
  • meat market/butcher shop distribution centers
  • Meat processing plans
  • Butcher shops
  • Meat markets
  • Food systems
  • Local markets

The 7 Best Business Loan Options for Butcher Shops & Meat Markets

There are many options that HVAC business owners can use to their benefit. An HVAC contractor loan can assist with a wide range of funding needs. Finding the right HVAC financing that works for your business may take some guidance. That’s why we put together the seven best financing options for HVAC businesses. Each of these HVAC business loans offers unique benefits and qualities that may work for your HVAC company. Take a look at which one is for you.

Long-Term Business Loans for Butcher Shops & Meat Markets

Long-term loans are always the most desirable as they offer the longest terms to repay, typically from 2 to 7 years, and have the lowest cost. Long-term loans are a lump sum provided upfront with an interest rate that starts around 7% with monthly payments over a fixed period to repay.

Long-term small business loans require high credit standards for established businesses, with at least two years as an ongoing concern and a significant amount of paperwork needed for approval. Meat processors use long-term loans for business expansions and other vital investments.


  • Low-interest rate starting from 7%
  • Term loans from 2 to 7 years to repay
  • Accommodates a larger loan amount
  • Monthly payments

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Short Term Small Business Loans for Butcher Shops & Meat Markets

Short-term loans provide a fixed amount of money that is repaid over terms of 6 to 18 months. When approved, you get a set amount of capital and a fixed number you have to pay back. The difference between is the cost, with a fixed payment auto-deducted from your bank account monthly, bi-weekly, weekly, or in some cases daily out of the bank account.

Limited paperwork is required, with only a 1-page application and bank statements. The credit requirements for a short-term loan are more lenient than that of banks or traditional term loans due to the reduced risk.


  • Excellent to poor credit score considered
  • Funding as little as $10,000 up to $500,000
  • Term loans for 6 to 18 months to repay
  • Lower monthly or annual revenue requirements than those of traditional loans
  • Fast and simple application process with the same day to next day funding in your business account

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Business Line of Credit for Meat Markets & Butcher Shops

A business line of credit is a revolving line of credit that offers a flexible feature that a short-term loan does not. It works like a credit card in that it is a revolving line and allows you to draw money out and then repay at any time with you only paying principal and interest on your outstanding balance. Lines of credit have a credit limit that you cannot exceed and is set at the time of consummation. This product is not considered a term loan.


  • Ability to draw money at any time from lines of credit
  • Allows borrowers to spend the money, repay it, and spend it again
  • Principal and interest rates starting at 5% for lines of credit
  • Lower costs and fees than most other financing products
  • Flexible repayment terms

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The Best Small Business Administration (SBA) Loans for Butcher Shops & Meat Markets

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) is a federal government agency headquartered in Washington DC that provides resources, programs, guidelines, and loan guarantees to approved SBA Lenders to issue loans to small businesses. The Small Business Administrations’ (SBA) mission is to help American enterprises to start, build, and grow their businesses successfully.

The SBA is not a lender. The Small Business Administration provides a loan guarantee that gives the approved SBA lender the ability to take on the risk of lending and decisions under SBA term’s that they would not ordinarily do so on their own without the loan guarantee from the SBA. SBA loan application processes can be lengthy, but with the help of an experienced SBA-approved lender to help your business through the process, the SBA application package can be a smooth and efficient experience.

Product Overview

Loan Amount Limits: Up to 5 million
Interest Rates/Cost: Starting at 3.50%, treasury index plus 1% to 2.5%
Repayment Terms: 3 to 25 years
Fees: Origination fees 0% to 3%
Payments: Fixed monthly
Credit: Good to excellent credit history required
Application Process: SBA loan application, business assets, and numerous financial statements

Small Business Administration Business Loan Products

  • SBA Standard 7(a) – SBA loan 7(a) is the SBA’s primary program is designed to provide financial assistance to businesses with a good track record. Excellent for access to cash for working capital or business debt funding options.
  • SBA Disaster Small Business Loan Program – SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDL) – This type of SBA loan assists not only grocery-related small businesses after natural disasters like tornadoes, wildfires, or floods but also during unforeseen emergencies like the recent pandemic. Congress provided small businesses access to relief options like this SBA loan for emergency funding.
  • SBA Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) – The Small Business Administration (SBA) has established the SBA Paycheck Protection Program loan in response to COVID-19. This is one of SBA’s relief options that provides loans and cash to small businesses affected by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis and needs financial help.

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Merchant Cash Advance (Business Cash Advance) for Butcher Shops & Meat Markets

Merchant cash advance, also known as future receivables purchase and sale agreements, provides an upfront lump sum of money to the business in exchange for a fixed percentage of the businesses’ future sales. Repayment is typically made daily or weekly. Either ACH payments are auto deducted from a business’s bank account, or a portion is taken out of future butcher shop bank deposits and credit card deposits until the payback obligation is met.

Terms are expressed as a future sale, so you are given a fixed amount and then responsible for paying back a larger amount through a fixed percentage of future sales, be it credit card deposits or overall sales. The difference between the amount given and the amount paid back to complete the agreement is your fixed cost. The estimated time to repay is typically 6 to 18 months. Still, there are no term limits as the repayment is based on future butcher shop bank deposits, so merchant cash advance is considered a “funding” and not considered a term loan.


  • Flexible repayment terms attached to future sales
  • Excellent to poor credit history considered
  • Provides funds to owners with sub-prime credit
  • Payments fluctuate to future sales
  • Profit margins not considered for approval
  • Fast and simple application process with the same day to next day funding in your business account

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Equipment Financing for Butcher Shops & Meat Markets

Butcher shop equipment is an essential part of the meat market business. The necessary equipment for butcher shops and food markets can be quite costly. Equipment financing usually comes in the form of leasing or a term loan. With this type of lending option, the equipment is used as collateral, and decisions made are based on the personal credit of the market or shop owner(s) and the health of the business’s financials.


  • Simple 1-page application
  • Limited financial paperwork
  • Repayment terms from 1 to 5 years
  • Term loan or lease
  • Monthly payments
  • Funding available same day

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Business Credit Cards for Butcher Shops & Meat Markets

Business credit cards are revolving credit lines with a credit limit. Business cards most commonly come with a minimum monthly payment requirement less than that of a smaller loan. You are issued a plastic card with an account number that can be used online and in person for any purchases. You only pay interest based on the current principal. This funding is not considered a term loan.


  • Can be used 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • No limitations on the use of funds
  • Flexible monthly payments payments
  • Principal & Interest rates

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Benefits of Getting Financing for Butcher Shops & Meat Markets

The first step in any search is clearly defining why your small business needs the funds. The “why” will direct you many times to the right loan product. Working capital is the most popular reason because there are so many ways it can be used. When cash flow gets tight due to fluctuations in sales, extra capital can provide the buffer needed to carry the business through rough times.Other reasons for the need for business financing include, but not limited to:

Cash Flow/Working Capital Loans

The meat and butcher business is a complicated venture that has a lot of moving parts included. Various issues can impact cash flow in this industry, such as seasonality, holidays, location, changes in trends, and competition.
Failing to meet payroll for employees is not an option, so it’s essential to have access to cash for working capital to control the ups and downs of the butcher and meat business, stabilizing cash flow.

Business Facility Expansion/Renovations

A business may need expansion, upgrades, or repairs to the facility, spruce up the shop or market’s interior décor or outer appearance, helping to maintain or attract customers and keep a competitive edge. Perhaps you’re adding a new location for growth, which is yet another reason to seek business loans for butcher shops.

Advertising: Attracting Customers to a Butcher Shop

What business doesn’t want more customers and growth? Internet marketing and social media are not just a trend anymore but have quickly become a must-have for butcher shop business owners looking to grow. The need for good advertising and marketing strategies has added additional costs to butcher shops.
Demand for more effective advertising is why financing for marketing campaigns and social media is so popular. Having a presence online through various outlets such as Google, Yelp, and Trip Advisor, plus maintaining a social media presence on Facebook and Instagram, is very important for success.

Building a robust website for your store and focusing on search engine optimization (SEO) helps keep your small business on the top of google search. Additionally, more traditional sources like mailers and flyers are also advertising mainstay and costs money to execute.

Point of Sale Systems, Software, and Technology Upgrades

The point of sales system’s out there continuously improves and provides efficiencies to butcher and meat store operations. You can use meat and butcher shop financing to update systems and create more efficient processes within your operation.
Business owners are always looking for new ways to keep customers coming in by improving customer experience, service and implementing easier processes or systems for staff, all making a significant impact on your meat market. You must make sure eventual investments in this area are a foregone conclusion and know that financing most likely will be needed.

Business Facility Expansion/Renovations

Butcher shops may need expansion, upgrades, and/or repairs to their facility to attract customers away from other competition. With so many financing options available, growing your butcher shops’ business model can come in many forms. Butcher store owners can use financing options to purchase additional grocery inventory, lease more space, expand marketing efforts, buy new equipment, or even open up another operation.

Business Debt Funding Options

Sometimes stores need funding to refinance existing debt through long-term financing. AdvancePoint Capital offers the best business debt financing options for meat markets and butcher shops.


Sometimes funding inventory is the only way to benefit from special deals and opportunities related to acquiring a product for your meat market or butcher shop. Contact AdvancePoint Capital today for more information on inventory financing options.

Frequently Asked Questions from Butcher Shops & Meat Markets

There are many options to consider in the meat processors business. With such a wide range of lenders and financing options available, it can often be challenging and overwhelming to get started. Lenders will want some pertinent information from butcher shop owners, regardless of whether they’re an online lender or a traditional financial institution.

This information mainly confirms your small business’s financial history and legitimacy — and butcher shop owners must stay informed about the information required to have on hand before applying for butcher shop loans.

For years, we’ve empowered small businesses around the United States with the best financing opportunities and loan options that people like you can use to fund your operation. Depending on the business financing you’re looking at, each will have different requirements. However, there are some standard questions that you can expect to run across during your search for loan options.

Starting a butcher shop requires experience, business planning, and business goals. Applicants should have a business plan which includes all the resources needed to become a successful butcher shop. These essentials details should consist of procedures for your meat processing plant, customer base, and business needs, as well as an understanding of the industry you’re entering.

Having a presence online through various outlets such as Google and Yelp, plus maintaining a social media presence on Facebook and Instagram, is very important for a butcher shop’s success. Building a robust website for your store and focusing on search engine optimization (SEO) helps keep your small business on the top of google search.

Profitability ultimately depends on location, customer base, whether you will lease or own your retail or commercial locations, and your product offerings.

As in most business ventures, owning a butcher shop requires good business planning. Profit is a by-product of a good business plan and meeting the needs of your customer base.

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