Equipment Loans

Equipment loans are the best solution to obtain the equipment your business requires to thrive. Is your business in an expansion mode, remodeling, replacing older technology, or branching out? Then obtaining an equipment loan with AdvancePoint Capital’s assistance can offer the break your business needs, right when it is needed most. Some quick facts upfront: these loans provide quick access to the cash required for a down or full-payment. There is far less paperwork required to apply, too. The equipment itself will serve as loan collateral (great news if you have less than perfect credit), and the terms will vary, but generally can be as long as the anticipated service life of the equipment purchased.

Who can benefit from an equipment loan? The small business owner, such as the bakery that wants to upgrade their ovens or store displays; the mechanic who needs to buy another lift to keep up with increased trade; the boutique residential real estate brokerage that is renovating their office and requires everything from carpeting, to desks and desktop computers, to phones and a photocopier; the landscaper who wants to offer snow plowing services during the off season, etc. It’s a fact, just about every business can benefit from an equipment loan!

When an Equipment Loan is the Right Move for Your Business Call AdvancePoint

In fact, just about every business that is anticipating growth can benefit from an equipment loan. AdvancePoint Capital will be glad to assist these entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams. Give our representatives a call and we will be glad to walk you through the entire process. Here’s a quick overview: just fill out our simple form and submit. Next you’ll be contacted by one of our knowledgeable representatives who’ll advise you about what documents you’ll need to proceed. Generally you’ll provide your credit score and documents that demonstrate the current fiscal health of your business, usually via tax returns and bank statements.

Sound good to you? It is! When an equipment loan is required to take your business to the next level, make the call to AdvancePoint Capital. We’ll help you to achieve your goals for your business through the right financing at exactly the right time. For a confidential consultation, call us today! We’re available to take your call 24/7 at (800) 381-8920.

* All loans made by either WebBank, an FDIC-insured Utah industrial bank, or Bank of the Internet Federal Bank, an FDIC-insured federally chartered thrift located in California. In connection with the loans, the Banks' underwriting conditions and terms apply.