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What is a Business Loan with No Credit Check?

No credit check business loans are an alternative financing option for small business owners who may need help qualifying for traditional bank loans due to poor credit history. Unlike conventional loans that necessitate rigorous creditworthiness checks, no credit check business loans offer funding accessibility without extensive scrutiny into a business owner's credit history. It's critical to note the accuracy of this description; the eligibility requirements here are quite different.

These business financing solutions offer flexibility and are especially beneficial for startups that haven't yet established a significant credit history with business credit bureaus. They've been leveraged by a wide spectrum of entrepreneurs, including those who've faced past financial challenges or those in the startup phase. There is a likelihood that these loans could indeed be a unique financing opportunity, catering to diverse financial circumstances with minimal eligibility requirements.

Can I Get a Business Loan With No Credit Check?

Essentially, business loans with no credit review or no credit check business loans do exist, but don't expect a traditional business loan with traditional terms, interest rates and fees, as they may be less favorable than business financing where the credit score is reviewed. Despite this, alternative financing options such as micro loans or services can provide small business startup loans with no collateral or credit check, a boon for those with bad credit.

The truth is, most small traditional business loans require a credit review of the owner, with some SBA lenders warranting a minimum FICO 660, to be able to get access to the best small business loans for the business.

Numerous business consultants are not privy to the fact that additional options are available in the business loan marketplace for small businesses who have bad credit. These options where credit reports aren't accessed is rare, but financing companies do exist.

Does a Working Capital Business Loans With No Credit Check Exist?

Working capital funding with no credit checks do exist, unlike personal loans with personal guarantee, but the product offerings are limited to short-term funding, business cash advance, and invoice factoring.

Believe it, or not, you are still able to obtain certain loans without owning a credit card or possessing a personal or business credit score . It comes as no surprise that a lot of misinformation is spread about small business loans with no credit review. Therefore, it's crucial to solicit feedback, understand the qualifications for these loans, and question the lender or the originator to protect your interests.

Reasons for Business Owners Not Wanting a Credit Check

There can be only two reasons why a business owner would be searching for a business funding with no credit check, including:

  • Bad credit history. The prior experience with the lending industry might have led to denied financing for various small business startup loan products available in the marketplace. These experiences would naturally push them towards free credit score sites like Credit Karma for guidance and alternative solutions.
  • The business owner was denied financing for all other small business loan products available in the marketplace.
  • Business owner's are curious and want to explore all available business financing solutions, including non-traditional lending options such as debt crowdfunding, fundraising, and even equity crowdfunding.

Why Does a Small Business Lender Also Check Personal Credit?

Before we dive into both short-term loans, business cash advances, and other products, let’s discuss why business lenders check the personal credit score of the owner in the first place. Many business owners are surprised to know that when they apply for a small business loan, lenders want all of the information of the owner(s) so that they can pull the personal credit of the owner(s). The response by business owners is usually, “I was asking for a small business loan, not a personal loan. Why do you need to pull my credit as the owner? Why can’t you look at my business credit scores?”

The truth is the owner’s behavior in personal life when it comes to credit and paying bills is quite similar to the way they pay bills in their business life and with business credit. Since the business owner is the ultimate decider in what gets paid, it makes sense that looking at that business owner’s credit history says a lot about the owner of the business and the way they handle credit and bills. Bad credit will be a challenge.

1. Hard vs. Soft Credit Inquiry

Before considering options with no credit check, you may want to know that there are significant differences in the type of inquiries. There is now both a “soft credit pull” also known as "soft credit check" and a “hard credit pull.”

2. Hard Credit Pulls

Also known as a “hard inquiry,” hard credit pulls are when a lender requests a report from up to three different credit reporting agencies: Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. By pulling reports from three agencies, it's still considered only one credit pull. A hard inquiry can lower your score by a few points, or it may have little to no impact. It's unlikely to play a substantial role in any decision unless multiple hard pulls are made in a short time period. Having credit inquiries does not automatically mean you have bad credit.

The impact of inquiries is commonly misunderstood. The main issue only arises when an individual is applying for too many things at once. Hard pulls enable lenders to view a more comprehensive profile, thus taking on greater risk because they receive a broader business history about the borrower.

3. Soft Credit Pulls

Also known as a “soft inquiry,” soft credit pulls are used by lenders when they decide to use one out of the three credit bureaus and provide less information (it excludes credit score) than that of a hard pull. In a financial situations where payroll and rewards can impact credit decisions, soft credit pulls come into play.

They utilize just enough information to make a credit decision about the borrower yet offer financial protection as it's not a "hard pull." FICO does not consider a soft pull inquiry the same as a hard pull, which would have no impact on credit scores on the credit report. Credit standards can be higher for lenders that use soft pulls and may lead to lower approvals for credit-impaired borrowers.

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Types of Business Loans That Don’t Require Credit Checks

Some of the best business loan options to look out for are:

1. Bad Credit Business Loans

Bad credit small business loans provides a lump sum of money repaid over 3 to 12 months. For those who may not qualify for traditional funding options, these loans can pave the way, similar to premium microloans, more flexible in their qualifications. The bad credit loans cost is either a factor rate or principal and interest rate and understandably cost more than other traditional or microloan small business loan options with a credit check. This is not a no-credit-check business loan, but they are more accepting of poor credit scores. This is a secured loan against business assets.

Loan Amounts: $10,000 up to $100,000

Interest Rates: Factor rates between 1.18 to 1.48 of loan amount.

Terms: 3 to 12 months

Processing Times: one day

Credit Score: All types of FICO scores are considered, from bad credit to excellent. A loan with no hard pull credit check option is also available.

Loan Payments: Weekly or daily payments

*A business bank account with business bank statements is required for funding. Low annual revenue required. Similar to many microloan requirements.

2. Business Cash Advance (Merchant Cash Advances)

Business Cash Advances (BCA) are revenue-based agreements that advance sales at a discount to a small business. Often promoted on lenders' advertisement platforms, these agreements are usually easily accessible on the websites of financial institutions. The small business is responsible for paying back a payback amount known as a specified amount, which is higher than that of the advance for the company. The cost difference is popularly referred to as the “factor rate or fixed fee cost,” which is a fixed cost. These are not traditional principal and interest costs.

For repayment of a business cash advance, a set percentage of future revenue called the specified percentage, is, as a matter of convenience, collected by an ACH payment daily or weekly, straight from the business's bank account. During repayment, reconciliation can occur. Suppose the ACH payments exceeded the set future percentage of monthly sales, similar to the procedure reported on some lenders' websites. In that case, the small business can request a refund for overpayment so that collected payments match the specified percentage of the revenue volumes. For a merchant cash advance, a fixed percentage of credit card processing is split from the batch for repayment, so the reconciliation feature does not apply.

Future sales can fluctuate, so the repayment term is flexible because the payback percentage consistently changes due to fluctuating revenue. This product is popular with businesses that cannot get a traditional loan, need working capital, or need a fast way to get funds. Even businesses with bad credit may qualify for such an advance, as noted on the SBA website. This financing option is not a loan but is considered an advance. Business Cash Advances are a frequently advertised tool with entrepreneurs in the service industry, such as restaurants.

Product Overview

Factor Rates: Ranges from 1.09% up to 1.45%

Repayment Terms: This is not a loan, so there are no time limits. Payments continue until paid in full based on the specified percentage collection method and are dependent on future revenues.

Fees: Origination fees that range 0% to 5%

Payment: Weekly or daily Monday-Friday fixed ACH

Credit Score: All types considered from bad credit to excellent credit score. No credit check options also available.

*Low annual revenue and monthly revenue required


3. Invoice Financing

Invoice Factoring,” also called “Invoice Financing,” is a purchase of invoices from an insurer at a discount at the time of issuance. Acting essentially as an invoice factoring company, it buys your invoices to enhance the cash flow of issuance. This accelerates the payment of the invoice by the issuer, leading to improved liquidity.

This type of small business advance of funds allows you, as the business owner, to finance purchase orders or outstanding invoices. The invoice factoring companies will buy a contractual amount of freshly issued invoices from the issuer, and being the new owners of the invoice, assume collection directly from the customer, superseding the original issuer.

In this process, the creditworthiness of the business owner's customer, meaning their track record of paying the invoices, takes center stage, not the owner's creditworthiness, hence, a check from the owner is not necessary.

Fees: 1.5% to 2.75%

Time Frame: Once approved, invoices can be advanced daily.

Processing Times: As an efficient invoice factoring company, FundThrough ensures it only takes a couple of days to approve and start getting advances from invoices.

Credit Score: No credit score required as business owners credit is not evaluated.


Tips for Comparing Business Loans With No Credit Check

Recommendations to compare small business loans with no credit check considerations

  • Eligibility Criteria - Although a lender may not check the credit of the business or owner, they will consider other factors in rendering a decision such as industry, business cash flow management, time in business, public records and business records. For assistance, check out platforms like NerdWallet that highlight the importance of understanding that your creditworthiness isn't just based solely on your credit score, but rather, it's about the broader financial picture of your enterprise.
  • Cost of Capital for no credit check business loans - For no credit check business loans, be aware that the cost will be significantly higher in rates, terms, and fees. Lenders often compensate for this increased risk by not evaluating personal credit. Always remember, it's essential to thoroughly assess the cost versus benefit analysis when considering the terms.
  • Compare and Shop - Always compare offers from multiple lending platforms, including payment processor loans and the crowdfunding option. You might even find a better offer, akin to finding a hidden gem on Twitter, even when you have bad credit. Ensuring you consider all available business financing solutions is crucial. You might discover certain creditors offer better terms compared to others.

Pros and Cons of Business Loans With No Credit Check

In a cost vs. benefit analysis it's important to look at all the pro's and con's of acquiring financing for your business.


  • No credit check business loans offers access to business funding that would not be offered if credit was checked.
  • Establishes business credit.
  • Access to capital in cases where the survival of the business is at stake.


  • Cost of capital is higher than traditional financing with higher rates and fees.
  • Business funding adds payments to monthly expenses
  • Compounds debt on the business unnecessarily

Alternatives to No-credit-check Business Loans

If you don't like the rates and terms of no credit check business loans you may want to consider other products that are unconventional.

  • Personal loans - Some business owners seek personal loans from online financing companies. These loans are tailored specifically for borrowers with low credit scores and offer the flexibility required for a variety of enterprises.
  • Secured credit cards - Accommodating to those with bad credit, these cards require a deposit to secure the credit. They can serve as a resourceful way of rebuilding credit.
  • Self-funding - In certain situations, owners move forward with self-funding through personal wealth, choosing to bypass costly business funding options to maintain control over their company.
  • Crowdfunding platform - Trading a small percentage of your business in exchange for essential capital could be an option for you. Crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter are particularly suited for entrepreneurs in the startup phase.
  • Donor crowdfunding via friends and/or family - Though it can be risky, a donation via friends or family should be considered only as a last resort, to avoid straining personal relationships if things go south. Treating the transaction professionally is key, however friendly your relationship with the donor may be.
  • Equipment Financing - This form of secured business loan is another pathway worth exploring. Here, equipment financing can allow you to purchase long-term machinery, even if your credit profile isn't perfect. Remember: the purchased equipment or machinery serves as collateral for the debt.

Business Lenders for Bad Credit: Where to find no credit check business loans

  • Business loan brokers
  • Online business funders/lenders
  • Merchant cash advance providers
  • Invoice factoring companies

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a small business loan with a 500 credit score?

Yes, some programs offer funding for businesses with credit score of 500 or less in some circumstances. However, platforms like Square continuously evaluate merchants’ eligibility for loans. Therefore, ensuring a long-standing association with such vendors might increase the likelihood of obtaining a potential offer. Also, making a larger down payment could amplify the likelihood of loan approval. It's essential, however, while considering these options, to review the accuracy of all the facts and guidelines provided.

Can I get a Business loan with no credit score? Do they check credit for a business loan?

A Business loan or business line of credit from traditional lenders requires credit review. A minimum credit score is often required with some financing companies requiring a minimum FICO SBSS score of 160. There are alternative financing options available such as equipment financing that offers a lump sum of money to purchase essential gear even with bad credit. While these options do not require credit review, your company's cash flow will certainly be evaluated.

Do online Lenders like Bluevine, PayPal working capital, and Fundbox offer financing options with no credit check?

Alternative lenders such as Bluevine, PayPal business loan, PayPal working capital loan, American Express Business Loan and Fundbox do not offer any credit check loans.

Can I get a bad credit business loan with no collateral?

Yes, there are business funding options for business owners with bad credit and bad credit scores from alternative lenders.
One such option could be microloans. Microloans often come with more flexible qualifications, making them an excellent alternative for low-income or bad-credit business owners who don't qualify for traditional funding. Offered by nonprofit, government, and community lenders, these loans can be used to purchase low-cost equipment, generally up to $50,000.

Do SBA loans require a credit check?

Yes, the Small Business Administration loans require credit review. Though there is no minimum credit score requirement, a poor score may not be acceptable. This is part of the eligibility requirements for SBA loans.

Does Equipment financing require Credit Review?

Equipment financing will require credit review, but bad credit may be acceptable from an alternative lender.
Machinery financing, a form of equipment financing, will indeed require a credit review. However, it's crucial to note that even with a bad credit score, securing finance may still be possible, especially from an alternative lender or a financing company. This method provides a lump sum of money to purchase long-term equipment like heavy machinery and company vehicles.

Can I get a business credit cards with no credit review?

You must have good credit to get a business credit card.
Typically, you must have good credit to secure a business credit card. Leveraging platforms like Credit Karma can provide a quick, free credit score reference which allows you to understand your creditworthiness for such financial products. Plus, some platforms even suggest cards commensurate with your credit portfolio, ensuring a high probability of approval and desired rewards.

Advice on No Credit Check Small Business Financing

We strongly recommend choosing small business loan products with the best terms over something that may seem easier with less information to disclose like credit.

  • Don't let the allure of 'easy' payment processor loans, such as those offered by Square or PayPal, sway you without informed comparison.
  • It's essential not to forget the importance of thorough research and evaluation of your eligibility.
  • For business startups, understanding various business lending options, including startup business loans and examining the creditworthiness evaluated by business credit bureaus can play an instrumental role in selecting the ideal business financing solutions.
  • Guarantee to investigate all possible avenues, such as business loc and grant opportunities, to finance your business before making final decisions.

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