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The capital city of the great state of Texas is Austin, and it’s one of the fastest-growing cities in the entire United States. The city of Austin, in Travis County, has over 975,000 residents, lovingly referred to as Austinites.

Since the 1990s, Austin is emerging as a center for tech and business, with a strong economic background in government, high-technology, and education. Austin is home to an increasing amount of Fortune 500 companies’ as well. The University of Texas at Austin, attended by over 50,000 students, is also located in the bustling city.

Business loans in Austin can be challenging for small businesses despite the city's promising economic outlook. Traditional lending options such as banks or credit unions often have strict requirements and limited alternatives for small businesses. AdvancePoint offers a solution by providing alternative lending options to help Austin business owners find the right financing for their needs without excessive paperwork and stringent guidelines.

Get Small Business Loans in Austin with Ease

As a small business owner in Austin, you have multiple options to secure funding for your company. Although traditional bank loans are popular, online and alternative lenders offer flexible terms that may suit your business needs. Additionally, if you face difficulties acquiring a SBA loan from a bank, there are alternative lending options that provide competitive interest rates.

Advancepoint Capital is a leading provider of business loans in the city of Austin. We offer a variety of business loans and other financing programs with low interest rates. We have a quick and easy application process, and can get you the loan in less than 24 hours!

9 Best Small Business Loans in Austin (June 2024)

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Long Term Business Loans in Austin

Long term financing is the choice for Austin businesses planning a large expansion and need to spread those costs out over years because they need affordable payments.

Business Line of Credit

Business Line of Credit

Credit lines are revolving lines of credit. Business owners can draw money on demand with a line at any time and only pay Interest on the outstanding balance.

Short-Term Business Loan for a California Small Business icon

Short Term Small Business Loans

Short term loans are term loans that are repaid between 4 to 24 months depending on credit approval. Short term loans have higher approval rates and lower documentation than bank financing. Quick application process.

Small Business Cash Advance for a California Small Business

Business Cash Advance

A great alternative to bank financing with approvals based on revenue and less so about credit and profit. Because of limited documentation requirement approval is easier to acquire. All types of credit are considered in a business cash advance.

Merchant Cash Advance for a California Small Business

Merchant Cash Advance

A merchant cash advance, also known as a future sales agreement, allows Austin business owners to leverage their future credit card sales as a base for an advance. Payment is made by the funder taking a percentage of future credit card sales. Quick approvals and high approval rate.

Equipment Financing for a California Small Business

Equipment Financing

Equipment financing is common for Austin businesses heavily dependent on equipment to operate. Because of the collateral of the equipment, duration of repayment is typically 2 to 7 years which means affordable monthly payments.

SBA Loan

Small Business Administration SBA Loans

SBA loans are government backed loans. Popular term loans with affordable rates and terms. Application process requires significant documentation and the help of an approved SBA lender.

Invoice Financing

Invoice Financing

Austin businesses who rely on invoicing customers regularly find Invoice financing a great funding solution to improve cash flow, also known as Invoice factoring, this product will advance money to the issuer of the invoice at time of issuance for a nominal fee. This process accelerates accounts receivable without incurring long term debt with a traditional loan.

U.S. Small Business Administration

How to Grow Your Business in Texas

View the Small Business Resource Guide for information and assistance in growing your local business, exploring funding options, and contracting.

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Why Do Austin Small Business Owners Need Financing?

Access to Working Capital
Business Plan Expansion (capital for growth and additional work)
Building Construction and/or Renovation/con
Help for Cash Flow shortages
Website Development, Construction, and Maintenance
Provide Emergency Financial Resources
Advertising / Marketing needs
Recruitment of Employees and Training Resources

Additional Resources & Loan Programs in Austin

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  • A range of different loan products for businesses in Austin.

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